Singer /Songwriter

Brett McNaueal,
Born in Larder Lake, Ontario,Canada, Brett was raised in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. He worked for more than a decade in the Gold Mines, and around the world for the mine company. His expansive knowledge of music enabled him to work as a radio personality at the local radio stations and as a musician in a number of bands. He began writing and playing at the age of 12. Brett has always been a fan of The Beatles, but has played in bands of all genres, including an Eagles tribute band, Rock & Roll and Country. During the 70‟s and 80‟s Brett had both single and album releases with many bands. He spent a decade, (1971-1980) developing and assisting other artists and releasing their efforts. Brett has worked with many artists in his tenure including Eileen (Shania) Twain in the infancy of her career as well as co-writing and producing songs for her manager Evelyn Kasner. (Mary Bailey) His career includes collaborated song writing efforts with Larry Mercey (Mercey Brothers) and Steve Wilkinson (Wilkinson Family) and other US artists. He received the Governor General's Award in 1992, for co-writing with two other Canadian writers on a patriotic song. Brett‟s first gospel album was never released, but popular US artists recorded many of his songs from the album. “If You Could See The Lord I See” performed by Jim Wilkerson, won a 'Dove' award. In 1993, Brett released an 11-song cd with the band 'Mainstreet'. This was recorded in Nashville and was produced by Scotty Turner and Eric Paul. Several of the songs on this cd were written by Brett and went on to top ten status in Canada, including “Your Star's Still Shining Bright” which was co-written by Brett and producer Scotty Turner. This song was recorded by a host of different US artists, and has since become a classic country tune. In 2003, Brett met and married the love of his life, Rosanna. It was in the very first year together that Brett was inspired to work on the Christian songs he had written, and Brett‟s next project, Lead Me On, was recorded in his home studio, starting in February 2004. That album was completed and released, the middle of March 2005. Most recently, Brett had an opportunity to record another cd, but this time he felt it was time to re-introduce his music to the Nashville music scene. He wanted this to be the best he had ever done, and with his long time friend Jim Cartwright, he was finally able to make that happen. Jim took the time to create an incredible album.'Still Standing' was recorded in the fall of 2009, and released in the spring of 2010. “Still Standing” features some of Nashville‟s best players. These seasoned musicians poured their heart and soul into this album. Brett is thankful for the opportunity to have worked with such wonderful professionals.
Brett's other love was his specialized guitar store (Arpeggio Guitar Boutique & Studios). The business his wife and he started in October 2009 was a dream come true, It featured high end, and exclusive Luthier built guitars, such as House, J.P. LaPlante, Boucher, Northwood, and Eastman.  In the fall of 2012 he had a full shoulder replacement, and realized that this business just took far too much dedication, and time and he closed the doors in March 2013.

Since his love for guitars never waned, he decided to continue his work on guitar repairs and builds, and since he is also a talented luthier and guitar tech, and has opened a specialized service with Brett's Guitar Works, a Guitar and Amp Repair Service for the musicians of southern Ontario.

Brett continues to write and play, and record... you can hear more of his music on