General Informatin & Rates
All Prices are in Canadian Dollars.  ( Updated Feb 1, 2023)
Prices are for labour only.  Parts are not included unless specified.  Set-Up is not included in repair prices but is often required and therefore in addition to repair cost.
Customer is personally responsible and liable for any items left on this premise.   Make sure you have adequate personal property insurance to cover your items while they are on this premise for repair or otherwise.
Bench Rate
 $65.00 per hour
Minimum Charge
 Repair Estimate
 No Charge
 Major Repair / Restoration Estimate
 $50.00 / Instrument
See Form ( Click link)
Complete Set-Up
 Acoustic Guitar
 Bass, Mandolin, Electric Guitar
 Locking Tremolo Guitar (Floyd-Rose / Others)
 12 String Guitar
 Banjo, Resonator, Bouzouki
Fret Dress (Set-Up Additional)
Complete Fret Dress
 Minimum Fret Dress (Level & Bus Frets)
 Heat Press (No Guarantee)
 Glue & Re-Seat Frets
 Dress Fret Ends
Re-Fret ( Plus Set-Up, Plus $10.00 for Parts )
 Partial Re-Fret (3 to 12 Frets As Required)
 Re-Fret ~ Bound Fingerboard
 Re-Fret ~ Maple Fingerboard (clear lacquer satin finish)
 Re-Fret ~ Maple Fingerboard ( tint lacquer gloss finish)
Custom Nut Work (Plus Set-Up)
New Guitar and Bass Nut (add $5.00 for parts)
 New 12 String Guitar Nut (add $5.00 for parts)
 New Mandolin Nut (add $5.00 for parts)
 New Banjo Nut (add $5.00 for parts)
 Install Fender LSR or Floyd Lock Nut (plus parts)
 Install Pre-Slotted Plastic Nut
Custom Saddle Work (Plus Set-Up)
New Saddle (add $5.00 for parts)
 New Saddle with Intonated profile (add $5.00 for parts)
 $75.00 - $100.00
 Fill and Re-Cut Bridge Slot
Install Tuning Machines
Retro Fit
 Different Style (Includes Filling Screw Holes and Minimum Touch-Up)
Bass Guitar Work (Plus Set-Up)
Plane Fretless Bass
 De-Fret Bass
Structural Repairs
Cracked Headstock (With Minimum Touch-Up)
 $125.00 and up
 Head-Splice (with Re-Finishing as necessary)
 $1000.00 and up
 Top, Rim and Back Cracks
 $75.00 each and up
 Re-Glue Loose Braces
 $50.00 each and up
 Re-Glue Martin Style Pickguard
Neck Re-Sets
Martin Style
 Gibson & Other Styles
 $500.00 - $600.00 and up
Bridge Work
Bridge Shave
 Replace Bridge-Plate
 $150.00 and up
 Re-Glue Acoustic Bridge
  Re-Glue Acoustic Bridge with Pick-Up
 Re-Glue Classical / Fan Style Braced Bridge
 Re-Glue Gibson J-200 Style Bridge
 Re-Glue Aftermarket Replacement Bridge
 New Custom Martin Style Bridge
Wiring (All Custom Wiring is quoted at hourly rate plus parts)
Acoustic Pick-Up Installation (plus component parts)
 $75.00 - $150.00 and up
 Pickup Potting
 $30.00 per Pickup
 Pickup Rewinding
 $75.00 and up
 Trouble Shooting
 Hourly Rate
 335 thin hollow body style
 Hourly Rate
Specialty Items
Install Banjo Head (plus parts)
 $50.00 - $75.00
 Install Skin Banjo Head (plus parts)
 $125.00 - $150.00
 Replacing Bolt-on Style Necks (plus neck and parts)
 $125.00 - $225.00
 Guitar Kit Assembly
 $250.00 and up
 Custom Routing
 Hourly Rate
Custom Pickguards Installed (Plus Materials)
Martin Style
 Electric Guitar Pickguard
 $150.00 and up